D. River is the nom de plume of Chris O’Guinn. The name is one the author has used for years to separate his adult-oriented work from his more mainstream projects.

Chris has been writing for over twenty years now in a variety of genres.

In addition to writing, his interests include travel, sampling local wines and thwarting the attempts  at global domination made by his feline children.
I'm hard at work on my next exciting tale of boys of questionable virtue. While I work on that, why don't you take a moment to let me know you enjoy my work. You can email me, I love to hear from fans.

Ryder has been friends with Tucker since they were in the first grade. They grew up together, they joined the Marines together and they moved to the vast metropolis of New York City together. Nothing could tear them apart.


Or so they believed. When they get bitten by a mysterious creature, they find themselves drawn together in a whole new way that is both exciting and terrifying. Neither of them is prepared to face the feelings they now have or what that could mean for their future.


This is the story of their quest for a cure, which takes them through such locales as Little Avalon, the Wild Wood and the haunted ruins of Old Syracuse. Together they must face down dangers and challenges even as they grapple with the life-shift of now being mated werewolves.


Join Ryder and Tucker for a fun, romantic adventure set in an Earth much like our own, but where magic and magical creatures are as much a part of the world as science and technology.

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Hunter is a man who has everything, or so he thinks. Money, success, looks, brains, he believes they are all he needs for a happy life. But love? That’s a sucker’s game. Pro athletes fall to his charms, but he never lets any of them get too close.

Then life throws him a curve when his best friend, the pitcher for his baseball team The Legends, comes to him for help. Life, he finds, gets complicated when feelings get involved. But he is not one to back down from a challenge.

From the author of Wild Horses comes Hunting For Sport-- a story of love, sex, and the murky places of the human heart.

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Corey is the out and proud lead singer of the "Wild Horses"; a playboy who lives life to the fullest and makes no apologies for it. Travis is the up and coming star of a new hit TV show who has never imagined being with a guy. When their worlds collide, it begins a wild, erotic tale of seduction, sex, submission and self-discovery

Passion and need intertwine like the piercing chords of a rock ballad as the bonds between the two grow. However, when Corey's best friend Josh reveals his own feelings, a sour note is heard. Will he end up leaving the band over it? Or is there another option open to him?

Surprises abound for all in this erotic tale of boys being boys. In the end, they learn that hearts are like wild horses, and they will not be tamed.

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The author of the popular “Wild Horses” gay romance novel happily brings you his latest offering—“Sticky Shorts.” These little nibbles of stories are perfect to snuggle up with when you are in the mood for some quick and dirty fun.

Beautiful Soul -- Kefentse grew up in rural South Africa. He was taught his whole life that he has a "dirty soul" because he likes men. He didn't understand it, but he accepted it as fact. Now he plays for Bafana Bafana, South Africa's football team and his world has gone from very small to gigantic. Language barriers and cultural divides make this a grueling challenge for him.

In the wake of their defeat at the World Cup, Bafana Bafana are utterly demoralized. Kefentse wonders about his future. Into this troubled time steps Alejandro, a handsome player for the Spanish team.

Comeuppance -- Brad and Will are not the sharpest knives in the drawer. In fact, plastic knives are straight-razors by comparison. They have lived their lives ever in search of the next bit of fun—and most times that fun comes at someone’s expense. To their immense surprise, they finally get themselves into trouble that they can’t talk themselves out of. And at long last, karma has come to call. But even though they protest very loudly, what they are expected to do turns out to be a lot of fun—and maybe it was something they wanted to do anyway?    

Punk Ass -- This is the amusing story of a good guy having a bad night. Aiden went to his favorite gay bar with friends to celebrate his graduation from college and to pick up someone to have celebratory sex with. However, with such obstacles as social awkwardness, meddling mothers and treacherous friends, things went downhill very fast for him. All is not lost, though, for a random encounter with some local punks turns his night around in an unexpected and very sexy way.

Simon Says -- Simon is your average nerd. He's so unassuming in fact that everyone mistakes him for a doormat. That misconception comes apart in this naughty little story. Not only does he turn the tables on his thuggish dorm mate, he comes into his own as a dominant. When he sets his sights on Devon, the college football team’s “Little DevL,” he thinks he is the pursuer. But he has a surprise waiting for him when he discovers the team’s safety was far more than he seemed to be.

Note: Story contains BDSM themes